Control4 C4-T4IW10 10" Infällnads Touchskärm C4-T4IW10

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Give your customers the ultimate smart home experience with the
Control4 T4 Touchscreen. As a direct replacement for the T3 Touchscreen,
T4 delivers a high-resolution screen, dual microphones, and more
powerful speakers than the T3. With its elevated features, T4 is the
perfect companion for the new Control4 Chime Video Doorbell, OS 3, and
Intercom Anywhere.
• 8" and 10" models
• Available in black and white finishes
• Screen resolution: 1920 × 1200
• Dual microphones and larger speakers
• An elevated experience for Chime, OS 3, and Intercom Anywhere
features T4 is the most powerful touchscreen Control 4 has ever built,
with 2× the resolution of the T3, dual microphones, more powerful
speakers, and a faster processor. Plus, T4 can be installed in the same
backbox as a T3, making installing a T4 on every job an easy way to
upgrade your client’s smart home experience.
The ideal smart home
interface T4’s upgraded features allow for clear communication and
seamless control of the entire smart home experience, from lighting and
music to shades, thermostats, and more.
Unlike a smartphone or
tablet, T4 is always connected, so it’s easy for customers to get a
complete picture of their property at a glance through the OS 3
Quick and easy installs Tool-less installs (no ribbon
cable required) make touchscreen installation and removal fast, and
mounting is easy and secure thanks to powerful magnets and a
tamper-resistant screw. Plus, T4 is available in portable and in-wall
models and uses the same backbox as all Control4 touchscreens built
since 2010 for a quick retrofit solution.
T4 Touchscreen + Chime:
A perfect pair When paired with T4’s superior audio and video quality,
Chime brings complete peace of mind to security-conscious customers. The
T4’s faster processor shows customers who’s at their door in an
instant, and constant connectivity with Intercom Anywhere makes it easy
to communicate with visitors on the porch or others inside the home.
Built-in commercial features.
Simplify complex multimedia systems
in bars, restaurants, boardrooms, and other commercial environments with
Control4. With the power of OS 3, you can use the Access Agent to lock
out or password protect certain features of the T4 Touchscreen to ensure
business environments are controlled by authorized users only.Planning
the in-wall touchscreen installation

C4-T4IW10 10" Infällnads Touchskärm C4-T4IW10
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