Control4 CA-10

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The CA-10 Automation Controller is the newest and most powerful member of the award-winning line of Control4 controllers.

It is purpose built for big jobs, delivering 4× the processing power and memory of the EA-5 to provide great performance even when controlling thousands of devices. The CA-10 is fault tolerant, engineered with multiple fail-safes to protect the system and keep it up and running even if a power supply, network port, solid-state drive (SSD), or fan fails.

Fail-over notifications are also available through programming events so the system can automatically notify the dealer.

The CA-10 works as the primary controller to provide the muscle for the project.

Secondary controllers like the EA-5 and EA-3 provide streaming music and I/O; and EA-1 controllers behind every TV provide the on-screen TV interface. The CA-10 is also the perfect controller for small business applications, where service agreements require the most reliable solution possible—including a standard five-year warranty.

The CA-10 raises the bar for home and business automation through:

• 4× the processing power and memory of the EA-5 to control thousands of devices—the CA-10 is designed for the largest Control4 systems

• Project is stored on dual solid-state, field-replaceable drives in mirrored RAID configuration

• Dual power supplies with automatic switch-over

• Oversize heatsink with heat pipe technology to keep the system cool and reliable

• Redundant cooling fans powerful enough to cool the controller even when one fan fails• Dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces

•Programmable dealer service notifications

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